Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Hate Winter

Winter blows snow.  I don't like winter because it is very cold. Winter is a time of the year that animals hibernate like bears and bunnies. Some parts of the earth have snow but where I live it doesn't snow.  Some people are forced to  put on coats, gloves, and boots before going outside. I just have to wear a coat and an extra layer of clothes. Many kids play in the snow by making snowmen, snow angels and having snowball fights but I cozy up by the fire with warm blanket and some hot coco.  Many people love winter but I don't.

The Three Pumpkins

There were three pumpkins in a pumpkin patch. A scarecrow grabbed the pumpkins. A scarecrow carved the pumpkins. The pumpkins didn't want to be carved. The crow saved the pumpkins and glued them back together. The pumpkins were very grateful to be saved. The crow and pumpkins were friends now. They had a promise, the promise was if the scarecrow got the pumpkins the crow would save them again.