Thursday, May 29, 2014

End of Second Grade

First Day of Second Grade
Mrs. Bland taught me lots of thing like multiplication and division strategies. She put lots of effort into teaching us new things but math facts really helped me learn. Even when we were airheads you still helped us. I really had fun in Mrs. Bland's class.

The first day of second grade I met so many friends. There names are Shilah, Veronica, Madison, Gloria, Gwen, Aly, and Alyssa. Me and my friends started a club called The Weirdos. In our The Weirdo Club we brought things like treats and activities for everyone. We also did the 100 mile club together. My friendships in second grade made it fun.

I like second grade. My favorite part of second grade was learning about subtracting double and triple digits. We did so many projects in second grade like tear art, butterflies that describe yourself, and the biography report.
Biography Report

Mrs. Bland is the best second grade teacher, ever! Mrs. Bland is very nice even she does fun things for us like going to the computer lab after doing AR Testing. She gave us Bland Bucks if we do our work and listen. I will miss Mrs. Bland and second grade very much.
Me and Mrs. Bland having good times


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